Family Healthcare

If it's not life threatening and you're not sure where to go, CALL US FIRST!

At Fleur De Lis Family Healthcare of Cankton, our compassionate team of Providers are dedicated to treating the whole person. We have professional staff to give you expert attention for minor emergencies, primary care, women’s health, men’s health, medical treatments, quick care and so much more. Our services span a wide range of services to better serve you, from chronic illness treatments for diabetes and asthma, to acute illnesses services for colds, flu or infections.
Fleur-De-Lis Family Healthcare of Cankton is the place to come for regular health visits. With our medical expertise, we offer a wide array of medical services, including but not limited to:

  • Allergy Testing
  • Health screenings
  • Physical exams
  • Vaccine and Immunization administration
  • DOT Testing
  • School/Sports Physicals
  • Diagnostic & Labs
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Referrals for necessary outside services such as radiology, physical therapy, home health care, hospital care, or other specialty care

Our Providers are available for in-clinic visits. Walk-ins & same day appointments available.

When you are not experiencing a life-threatening emergency, visiting the emergency department can be costly and time consuming. Visiting a family healthcare clinic like Fleur-De-Lis Family Healthcare of Cankton is a great alternative where you will be treated quickly, while saving money. With extended hours offered six days a week, and no appointment necessary, our team of medical providers treat conditions including:

  • Aches and Pains
  • Allergies and Sinus infections
  • Animal and insect bites
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Cough or cold that does not get better in several days
  • Cough that gets worse and is accompanied by a fever
  • COVID-19 Testing
  • Cuts and scrapes that might need stitches
  • Dehydration
  • Earache
  • Flu
  • Headache/Stomachache
  • Low-grade fevers
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines
  • Minor injuries and burns
  • Minor strains and sprains
  • Painful urination
  • Pink eye
  • Rash/Skin Irritation
  • Removal of stitches
  • Skin rashes and infections
  • Sore throat
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain
  • Most non-urgent medical problems and more

Be Prepared

Whether you're visiting the walk-in center or the ER, we recommend all patients keep a list of the medications you take with you, including dosages, and any over-the-counter medications and vitamins. Many medications, and even vitamins, can interact with the treatment options your provider plans to use. Knowing about your medical history can be very helpful to your provider in making an accurate diagnosis and creating an effective treatment plan.

If you are seeking a personable and professional family healthcare practice that understands family healthcare, please contact Fleur De Lis Family Healthcare of Cankton today for an appointment.