Laboratory Services

At Fleur De Lis Family Healthcare, we offer a full suite of on-site lab services. Many serious health problems present few obvious symptoms in their early stages. Routine lab services can alert you to potentially serious issues when they respond best to treatment. To determine the type of lab services that most benefit you, talk with your provider at Fleur De Lis Family Healthcare. We can gather some information by discussing your symptoms, reviewing your health history, and administer a physical exam. From there, your provider can use this information to make recommendations that align with your current condition and needs that also are fit for purpose with your age. We also offer routine lab services at wellness visits. RHCs must furnish certain lab services to be approved as an RHC. Some of the most common lab services include:

  • basic metabolic panel
  • blood sugar
  • complete blood count (CBC)
  • glycated hemoglobin or hematocrit test (A1C)
  • lipid panel
  • Pregnancy tests
  • thyroid panel
  • Urinalysis by stick or tablet method or both
  • stool samples for occult blood.
Many labs including urinalysis, hemoglobin, strep throat screening, influenza A and B screening, RSV tests can be performed and resulted in clinic before the end of your visit. In addition, testing for vaginal yeast infections, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis can often be resulted prior to the end of visit. Once we get the results back, we will follow up with you over the phone or you can access the results at the patient portal. If you are an established patient and need labs from a specialist, you can come by and have your labs drawn in clinic.

To help lower costs for our patients, we cut out the middle man as much as possible and do not do pass through billing. You will receive a bill directly from LabCorp for your labs. LabCorp is the preferred laboratory for many insurances which also helps to lower costs to our patients. Pass through billing is a practice in which a lab may set a price for certain labs and charge the clinic this price. The clinic then bills patients at a higher price.

If you need access to lab services, request a consultation at Fleur De Lis Family Healthcare and book an appointment.